NOVEMBER 6 Community Update - Correspondence to Families

Paul Amadio, Head of School
Dear VVS Parents/Guardians,

I hope this correspondence finds you and your family healthy and safe! 

As you know, VVS has been fortunate as many schools in the country are facing great difficulty and increased school closures due to COVID circumstances. However, the trends in our area show that new COVID cases are on the rise and we remain concerned that these rates will continue to increase over the next several weeks. In fact, this past Monday Yavapai County reported that the COVID positivity rate has increased to 8.8% over the past two weeks, well above our gating criteria benchmark of <5% new COVID cases in our county in a two week period. While this situation remains fluid and certainly can change, we have made a decision that day students will continue our virtual learning program through the end of the semester in December. I believe that making this decision now offers our students the best case to continue our program without the risk of disruption and provides faculty ample time to determine lesson plans and assessments supporting all of our students, whether on campus as boarders or through virtual classes. I want to emphasize that our goal is to have all students back on campus for in-classroom learning when we begin in January 2021. 

In an effort to keep all as safe as possible, we are not allowing social visits from families through the end of the semester. However, if there are extenuating or emergency situations please contact John Kelley, Assistant Head of School & Dean of Students, at

In the event families need to drop off items for their child, please coordinate with the Administrator on Duty and bring the items at the following times:

Wednesday 6-7pm
Sunday 6-7pm

Drop offs must take place in the Brady Hall Parking Lot. 

Families, please call or text the Administrator on Duty at 928-301-2267 in order to schedule a drop off of items. However, if there are extenuating or emergency situations please contact John Kelley, Assistant Head of School & Dean of Students, at

Families are required to follow the guidelines below:
  • Please maintain physical distance of >6 feet at all times.
  • Please wear a mask when on campus.
  • Families are not allowed to go into any buildings or indoor spaces on campus.
  • Families are not allowed to take students off campus or interact with other students. 
  • Please do not come to campus if you have any symptoms of illness, if a member of your family is sick, or if you have been in contact with anyone with COVI9-19 or with symptoms of illness.
I understand that some will be disappointed by this decision, while others will have come to a similar decision on their own. The health and safety of our community remains our priority along with offering a robust rich academic program for all learners as we navigate this difficult situation. I continue to marvel at our community - a big thank you to our staff for all of their efforts and to our students for their commitment to make the best of our circumstances and to build a positive community. . 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns, .

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