MAY 15 Communication - Community Update from Paul

Paul Amadio, Head of School
Dear VVS,
As we close out the academic semester of this atypical 2019-2020 academic year, a few things are quite clear: First, having spoken with a number of colleagues around the country and heard about some of their schools’ difficulties transitioning to virtual learning, I am so grateful for the talents and efforts of our faculty and the way they were able to pivot so quickly from in person classes and within a week, deliver a rich and robust curriculum that made for such high student engagement. It is also clear to me that VVS students and alumni credit their ability to stay positive and hopeful through this pandemic because of what they learned here at Verde Valley School. The VVS five principles are the reason why we can creatively work together to manage this challenging time. The third thing on my mind is the universal message from all constituents that VVS must do all we can to safely and effectively bring us back together this fall. I have heard from parents, staff, and alumni - the messages are similar and all offer words of encouragement. There remain many unknowns and questions we will need to answer. However, we all know for sure that VVS is not an ordinary school and our remote campus provides us a unique opportunity as we look ahead to the new school year. We are all turning our attention to planning how we can safely make a physical return to campus this fall.
It is my sincere hope that all VVS families, alumni, and friends are well and healthy. As I have written previously, our staff is fortunate that we are here on campus and able to hike, bike, and enjoy the beauty around us by being outside. My heart goes out to families living in spaces and places where that is not possible. However, as states begin reopening, I hope that everyone takes their time moving back to their lives pre COVID-19. Let’s make haste, slowly! We need everyone to focus on the best ways for us to be able to join together again, in person. We all need to make choices in the short term that will pay off in the future. VVS centers around being responsible for our own individual work that contributes to and builds community. Please do your part now, so we can safely enjoy being together in person very soon.
I will continue to update you all often. For now, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!
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Paul Amadio
Head of School
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