Our alumni share a forever bond. You know how hard it is to get red dirt out of your socks, you appreciate the reverence found in a rock called Cathedral, and you know that running down a mountain in the dark while wielding a torch is a perfectly normal thing to do. In fact, if you were hosting a dinner party, every VVS alumnus should be on the guest list. Why? Because VVS alumni embody the unique talents and personalities that come from living amidst Sedona’s red rocks. Each alumnus is interesting, engaging, and inspiring and the continued connections with VVS endure despite time and distance. Many alumni live the five VVS principles to this day. All of those special qualities of our alumni body make for a lively and entertaining dinner party guest!

Many of you wear a turquoise and silver ring to show the world that you belong to something bigger, a small group of committed individuals who share time spent in this valley surrounded by red rocks. A field trip journal full of memories, a well-worn pair of riding boots and authentic personal connections are among the most prized possessions with which you graduate.

Our Advancement Team is here to help you all stay involved, and connected. Whether that is regional pop-up alumni events from Boston to San Francisco and areas in between, or helping arrange a visit back to campus— and of course reunion weekend. The Advancement Team is here to help you find each other, get involved in VVS programs like Project Period, mentor a current student in career choice or internships, and keep the VVS spirit alive for years to come through your service.

Verde Valley School is a co-educational, International Baccalaureate boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12.